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Karate Classes for all Ages

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Tiger Cubs Classes foe 3-5 Year Old

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Competitions - FAQ

Almost all National and International tournaments and championships we enter are for all ages and grades.
Depending on your age group and/or grade, you may consult your Sensei or consider the following equipment: Belts (Red and White), Mitts (Red and White), Shin guards (Red or White), Gum shield, Groin guard, Head guard (Red or White).
Not necessarily. Almost all competitions have two sections, Kata (form) and Kumite (free style fighting), which you may choose to participate in either or both.
You will be representing Tokon Taiki in most National championships but, for all International Championships as well as some selected National championships, you will undergo National squad training and selection, which if selected, you'd be representing the United Karate England (UKE).
Captain's Lane
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Captain's Lane
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