Becca Regan Sensei

Nidan - Youth & Tiger Cubs Instructor

Becca began her karate journey as an adult for fitness, rather than watching her kids train she started to join in. Before long she was grading and competing at tournaments! Now she is a black belt and instructor of our Tiger Cubs class. She is also in training to be an Association Judge and Referee.

“I love training with Tokon Taiki and teaching and guiding our younger students. It is so rewarding to watch their characters develop and seeing the shy children overcome their worries and compete at tournaments and work their way through their belts and grades”


A dancer in her younger years, Sempai Becca entered many competitions and exams throughout her childhood and performed numerous times on stage. She sees lots of similarities between the dance and karate disciplines and credits her years of dance training for her abilities in karate. Since beginning training at Tokon Taiki in 2017 Becca has progressed steadily through the grades and entered tournaments, winning bronze and silver medals for kata. She has also taken part in the Referees, Judges and Coaches course to enhance her understanding of tournament rules to assist in coaching Tokon Taiki students.

Professional Life:
  • PA to Senior Sales Directors - Trader Media Group
  • Senior Administrator - Trader Media Group
  • Sales Administrator - Iris Payroll Software



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Self Confidence


Dojo Etiquette