Tiger Cubs Karate

Tokon Taiki Tiger Cubs program is designed to develop and prepare the very young for the karate way of life. Our TC program offers a fantastic buffer zone for children to gradually and smoothly grasp the fundamentals of self-awareness, self-confidence, focus, teamwork, discipline, respect and more. Our "6 Merit Award System" is designed to step by step pave the path for the 3-5 year old to arrive ready for the learning of a fully structured traditional karate.

MERIT GRADING (A Quarterly Event)

*LEVEL 1 (Respect, Participation, Coordination, Focus)  *LEVEL 2 (Self Awareness, Self Confidence, Balance, Teamwork)   *LEVEL 3 (Punches, Stances, Steps, Combinations)   *LEVEL 4 (Kiai, Kime, Power, Tempo)   *LEVEL 5 (Gedan Barai, Age UKe, Mawate, Combination)   *LEVEL 6 (MaiGeri, Mawashi Gery, 5 Step Basics, Kihon Kata).