Traditional Shotokan Karate

Our Intermediate and Advanced classes are Traditional Shotokan and for adults and advanced grades 3rd Kyu and over. In traditional Shotokan karate emphasis are on Respect, Dojo-Kun, and the three Ks, Kihon (basics), Kata (form) and Kumite (free style fighting) as well as Bunkai (analysis) and application of techniques and forms. The students of these groups will also be trained and prepared to participate in National and International karate championships.

KYU GRADING (A Quarterly Event)

*3rd KYU (Brown)  *2nd KYU (Brown & White stipe)   *1st Kyu KYU (Brown & 2 White stripes)

DAN GRADING (Various Frequency)

*Shodan (Minimum 6 months from 1st Kyu)  *Nidan (Minimum 2 year from Shodan)   *Sandan (Minimum 3 years from Nidan) .... and so on