WUKF Ambassador Sensei Orang Ranjbar’s planned visit to Iran in April 2019, proved a massive success in promoting our organization, opening doors and paving a solid path for future collaborations with this martial art-loving nation. This sporting mission witnessed a huge welcome in Lavasan, Tehran on 14th April, extended to Sensei Orang with over 400 attendees, which included, Athletes, coaches, VIPs, and dignitaries. On this day, RePNeR Martial Arts with its nearly 6000 active members were warmly welcomed into the WUKF family in a jubilantly charged atmosphere. In days that followed, Sensei Orang conducted and delivered a series of Kumite and Referee seminars in three major cities. These events were greatly received and attended mainly by instructors, referees, Dan grades and delegates of those cities. Sensei Orang has plans to return to Iran for at least twice more during the next 12 months with the view of preparing a team to represent Iran in WUKF World Championships in 2020.

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