The Bunkai Blueprint: A Simple Framework for Applying the Kata of Karate in Practical Self-Defense.
Learn practical Karate training from Jesse “The Karate Nerd” Enkamp in this solo bunkai tutorial. Practice kata applications without an opponent, by creating a DIY self-defense dummy. You can apply most traditional Japanese kata techniques this way – including hikite, limb control, blocks and distance management. Remember the Okinawan principle of muchimi (sticky hands) when you practice these karate moves.

Bunkai should be easy, But still, many people struggle..

Jesse Enkampthe karate nerd

Because in 9 times out of 10, our instructors weren’t taught it either!

  • People start to dislike kata (due to its abstract nature).
  • People belittle its significance (since real-world applications are never shown).
  • People make up their own kata (where the meaning of each movement is clear).
  • People change the techniques of kata (to make sense of the movements).
  • People stop caring about bunkai (satisfied with just having a “general overview”).
  • People ignore kata altogether – leaving those “war dances” to us Karate Nerds™!

In short, many people just don’t see the purpose of exploring kata anymore.

It gives them migraine.

And frankly, I understand them.

I don’t like feeling stupid either.

But I can’t sit on the sideline of this trend no more – watching as our ancient kata get reduced to mere physical performances, or a bunch of awkward movements to be memorized for grading and tournaments, without any real substance left.


If you know several kata, but never take advantage of the ancient lessons they were originally meant to impart (bunkai), then you might as well be doing ballet.

That’s right.

Kata is a time-tested, prepackaged toolbox of kick-ass lessons – delivered through a bad-ass template of physical awesomeness – designed to save your ass on the street.